About Me

Wilson Muñoz.

Hello, my name is Wilson Muñoz. I'm a Software Engineer focused on iOS & macOS based in Cancun, Mexico.

Fell in love with tech when i destroyed my dad’s computer when i was 11.
Besides doing some mix martial arts with my dog (he always wins) i like and do some other stuff:

  • I love the 90's
  • I also like to do Web Development (Front and Back End)
  • I played American Football in College
  • I know a little of Marketing and Design
  • I cook great Sandwiches and Tacos
  • I was a teacher for 8 years at La Salle University in Cancun
  • I play Horde in World of Warcraft
  • I had my own radio show
  • I'm a coffee junkie

iOS Development
95% Complete
Web Development
88% Complete
UI/UX Design
80% Complete

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